Do you have a complaint? We are here to help

Fair rules must apply online as well – especially for platforms that we use on a daily basis to communicate and consume media.

Do you have a complaint? We are here to help

Fair rules must apply online as well – especially for platforms that we use on a daily basis to communicate and consume media.

What can I complain about?

You can use our new portal to submit your complaint if certain rules have been violated. Let the RTR team of experts support you!

The RTR team

As the public Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications (RTR), we have supported competition and media diversity in Austria since 2001. Helping the public directly is one of our most important tasks. Our team is here for you when you need it, supporting you actively with their legal expertise – because it can seem impossible to achieve anything when going up against a large online platform.

Our experts are in constant contact with these platforms, which makes communication with them fast and reliable. This means you can trust that your complaint is in good hands with us.

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How does the complaint process work?

The prerequisite for turning to the complaint board is that you have contacted the service provider and either have received no answer or have not been able to settle the dispute.

If this is the case, you can fill in our complaint form. If you have filled it in completely and your complaint falls within our competence, we will forward your complaint to the platform selected in your form. The platform then has two weeks to agree to the proceedings and, if they choose to do so, submit a statement in response.

Ideally, the provider will accept the proceedings and accept your proposed solution. If an agreement is reached in this way, the proceedings are terminated.

If the provider agrees to the proceedings but does not accept your proposal, we will then forward you their proposal for a resolution of the issue.

If you accept this proposal, an agreement is reached and the proceedings are terminated.

However, it is possible that no agreement can be reached and the conciliation process ends without being resolved. In that case, the complaint board will inform you and the provider in question of its view on the dispute.

Participation in our proceedings is voluntary and free of charge.

Watch this video to see how the complaints procedure works.

Please note that the video is only available in German.

The steps of a complaint

You can submit your complaint in just five steps!

Select platform or medium
State the reason for your complaint
Provide contact information
Add enclosures/explanation
Click send and you're done!

Complaints form: Please note that the language of the proceedings is German and complaints must therefore be submitted in German.


To make a new complaint, please use the online complaint form. To contact us regarding already initiated proceedingsm please use the contact form below.

Other ways of contacting us regarding ongoing proceedings:


Further information:

Here you can find the Federal Act on measures to protect users on communication platforms (Communication Platforms Act - KoPl-G)

Do you have a request or question?

Please send us a message. And do not worry: Asking a question does not mean you commit to any proceedings. (Mandatory fields are marked with *)

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